The Dempster Highway – done!
Did you know that the tourism industry can be influenced by Stean’s mood ?
Stean is the Boss of Eagle Plains and only he can afford to say, “Why the fuck you are so orange?!” to Raymond when he discussed the possibility of us taking a shower.
Not all at once, of course.
The shower was supposed to be used by truck drivers only, but somehow we convinced Stean to allow us to shower for $3.
Explanation of the word “somehow” – our expedition was shown on the local TV, and that was our key to get into the shower.

We saw Northern Lights!
Sometimes, when you see something for the first time, you have no words, no explanation; just the beautiful view that does not need to be described. We took some photos, but the view was screaming out loud, “put the camera down, relax, and take your time!” For once in our lives, we can say, right time at the right place!

On the border of Dempster crossing the Klondike river, we didn’t try to find gold, but we did hope to catch some fish. No luck, maybe next time.

Finally we made it to Withehorse with a long to-do list – car wash, media meeting, shopping, Internet, and radio and local magazine interviews. Taking advantage of our time, we visited a local ski club and the Yukon State government. They were interested in our documentary.

So far, as you can see in the pictures, Raymond makes the skis rolling, and Matīss rocks the film equipment.

Wonderfull pictures are here