As you know, our A to B logo exists since 1988, and we are absolutely thrilled to have our filming crew wear T-shirts with this logo. People are very interested in what it means and what kind of story it tells, and they are curious about our native, Latvian, language, because it’s never been heard in this part of the North.

Time flies as we are preparing our RV for the ride and putting our supporters’ bumper stickers on it. Now we know why it costs so much to hire someone to stick them on to an RV.

Visiting Walmart. We wish we could take it all, even though without Raymond’s grocery shopping list for the expedition we were a bit lost; it’s our first but definitely not the last expedition.

But the best news is that we are finally on our way to pick up Raymond from Dawson City!

Ice Bucket Challenge video and news from A to B team coming soon!