Inuvik, the place where it all began. 

Judy, the owner of the campground we stayed at, was very welcoming. She showed us her snow dogs and the main activities during a stay in Inuvik – boat rides and dog sledding.

Inuvik was a bit hidden behind the foggy sky, but that didn’t stop Raymond from wearing rollers and skiing through the city. We had some local TV, radio, and magazine interviews.

After we left the city, the Dempster Highway took control over us, and there could be one million reasons why you shouldn’t put the roller-skis on and go for a ride, but Raymond never complains – he says, JUST DO IT !!!

At Tsiigehtchick village, we met the local “Chief” and showed him some old video materials from 1988 with the village people. He knew everyone. One had left the village, other had passed away… Unfortunately, no one was to be found from 1988.

On the boat that connects two villages, we met Charlie. He works here during the summer seasons, but during the winter he gets back to inland Canada. He had visited Riga, he knew our history and political situation. We had a nice chat, and then we moved on.

Now we are in Eagle Plains, on our way to Whitehorse.

Pictures here