Finally Raymond is with us. It’s like a meditation for him that we met him in his usual surrounding, by the river. To not waste any time, we decided to go rafting on the Yukon River and visit the “caveman.” It’s a man who’s lived for almost 18 years in a cave on the banks of the Yukon.
Raymond had already met him before, which is why he said we should do the same. But luck was not on our side, and the “caveman” was out of his cave. There was nothing else to do but go back to the city, but that doesn’t change a thing, because now we have another story to pursue, about the “caveman.”
Dawson City – a gold miner city. Most historical treasures were destroyed by the swamp, but we still can feel the aura of that time – cars, buildings, pavement, and old signs of different places. You have seen this view in movies, but here we are, in the place were gold may still to be found in abundance.

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