Ash Fork, Poulden
Prescot, AZ

We went to the place where downhill ride should start, yes 13 miles were fast. I needed to ski only for few miles – maybe 3 or 4.
But then the day changed. I got to Poulden. Then I got in to a strong wind, my blisters hurt very much. Rest!!! I ate, drank and in the end felt better. Wind kept up, and traffic grew. I could punch someone, just because, no reason. But no I did a lot of miles. I want to end this. My mind is getting tires. I could end this. Tomorrow will be a hard day, but then we will visit Morie. Maybe with a shower, press and talks I could get my strength back. It’s hard. I torture myself with thoughts about USBA, Benita, Riga. I need to do something big after sport. Maybe I should buy a land and make a hotel etc? I will think up something. Maybe I should become a coach.
We didn’t find sleeping place, but got in a shower anyway.
Wilhoit, Kirkland Ict, Peeples
Valley, Yornell, Congress, AZ
M= 3845

Mārtiņš drove after his films. i decided to go for a long, slow walk. Walk trough Prescot was an adventure by it self. Day was good. Wind is terrible. It’s warm. I drank a lot.
We slept with a friend of Mories, but he came home only by the morning. Showed everything and that’s it.
We had lunch in TAFU pub. I eat. Then I had to climb up the hill. Mountains, wind and sun.
Yernell a road uphill again. Then rides down, but they are very steep. I’m tiered.
I speak on the phone with X-Skrier, mother, granny will fly, she has the ticket.
When I got to Congress Mārtiņš was there. We eat. There is a dessert, it’s hot. I did 10 miles.
We slept at Wiekenbuy. Port Area.

(Bypass) Wickenburg, Vulture MTs. I-10
Start of the day was nice. A town is not far, but I roll fast and get to gravel road. I worry. Dust, but in the beginning everything is good. I like cactuses. The Vulture Mountains! But the day started. Road gotten worse, sun hotter, nature uninteresting. There isn’t only sand as I imagined. It is very dry. I fell like my feet have hundreds of tiny blisters. Head itches. Nerves. But I finish. I see a sign that says I’m finished 37 miles on gravel. Then comes asphalt and 7 miles. I’m in a better mood.
Morie take us in fantastically. Dinner. I’m not used to eat a little. I slept in car. I Ate at night because I fell hungry.