This is the season of hunters. This one hunter told us what to do if you meet a Teddy Bear or something bigger or a lot more bigger. He showed us his “small” gun, which is always ready during the hunting. Sure, we don’t have such a “small” one, but pepper gas though, like the hunter said, will be just a spice to Teddy.
Finally, we reached the border of Canada, but the border patrol works until nine, so we missed the opportunity to cross it. As soon as it was open, we were in Canada searching for Raymond in Dawson city. At the moment we are at the Dawson City Library. Raymond also should be here somewhere, but we didn’t find him yet. We found his camping spot with a note that says, he went to the city to look for a bank and Internet. He has no watch, that’s why he doesn’t know when he left and when he is coming back. The city is not big, an old gold miners’ village.

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