I-10 to Piermant Rd VIA
Arlington, by OLD US 80
Morning. Talks. USBA and then when I leave Morie I fell pessimistic. It’s always been like that – we have talents, and when something need to change it doesn’t. Machine is not going to stop. Everything move forward.
Morning was warm. I rode around town till about 1.00 pm – it’s hot, I’m sweating. Motivation is low. When you are so close, you want to get there faster.
Skiing didn’t go so good. Maybe it’s the sleepless night, or maybe pessimism, but only fact that there is nowhere to put down camp, and no water drives me to forward to south.
I slept at Gill Bends. There is water and park full of palm trees. Space Cafe where Mārtiņš reads newspaper at night. Mosquitos.

Gila Bend, AYO, WHY
Night was nightmarish, but when I woke up I felt good. It’s not hot, it’s good.
I start with X-Rolls and changed then in town. I needed to go to Gills Bend and then to south. I sunbathe. There is Air Force Base. Jets fly, and drop bombs, something explodes. I little explosion 3 or 4 miles from the road.
About 12.00 am it’s getting hot. We eat in dessert. Comfortable in a way. There aren’t any cars. Cops stop us, Mārtiņš will have to drive from behind.
AJO is a surprise. Beautiful churches. White. I think about skiing only to Mexico. Veterans Day is coming, so we won’t enjoy Mexican sea in loneliness. But there will be more days.

Organ Pipe Cactus Natn’
Mexican Border
We got up early in the morning. Mārtiņš got up early and made us breakfast. We talked a bit, then I started to ski. Only 27 miles to Mexico, but it’s hard. I fell like a I will never get to the end. But when I saw the end I wanted to ski 1000 miles more.
It was hard till the last moment. Traffic.
I t’s good to finish. Road was exactly 90 days. But now it’s over. What now? I will have some new work with USBA, politics, and coaching. OK
But 90 days alone. I look a girls and I could fall in love, i could lose my mind. Beer in Mexico is good. Nature awesome, water iS warm. We will go to swim at night.
I did a road to North. It’s a movie or a book what I saw.